HoodieHam- Deluxe Hoodie Blanket

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Hoodie Blanket-Enjoy A Winter Full Of Cuddly Warmth with this ultra-soft hooded blanket

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Enjoy A Winter Full Of Cuddly Warmth

You don’t have to keep under the bedsheets all the time to stay warm during the winter when you can put on HoodieHam, the warmest and biggest oversized hoodie out there.

Made from the softest linen, it’s the best wear during winter because it covers you whole and keeps you cuddled up in its warm embrace. It’s a one size fits all, meaning everyone can wear it.

Ditch the itchy sweater for something way more comfortable and cool. Surprise your friends with the warmest present they could ever hope for, and don’t worry HoodieHam will fit everyone!


Winter’s warmest- The cold seasons will slip by without you even noticing them when HoodieHam keeps you warm in its embrace!

Swallows you whole- HoodieHam is so big it can cover you from head to toe. Its oversized design makes it a perfect cuddly cover for everyone!

Hugged by a cloud- Light, soft and roomy, it’s just like having a cloud around you. HoodieHam will fit you right in the world of comfort!

Blanket, Pillow, Hoodie, Bedding, Quilt, Sweater, Cold, Winter
Gender: ALL Age range: 18 - 65+
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This Will Keep You Warm & Cozy All Season Long!! Get Yours Here: (
Ad copy:
This Will Keep You Warm & Cozy All Season Long!! Get Yours Here: (
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